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Adelines Lab creates a safe and supportive space for the arts in the Bay Area. 


Upcoming Exhibit



Local Artists Berkeley and Adelines Lab have collaborated to host Handmade, an exhibition of individual artists working in the crossover of art and craft. All artists are part of the community at The Crucible, a nonprofit arts education program in Oakland, California, where skill sharing and collaboration occur daily. Often working in close proximity with each other, each artist contributes to a history of craft as a community oriented practice. Their creative authority combined with technical skills associated with their materials have brought their artwork into boundaries of what is considered fine art, craft, or perhaps both. 

Curated by Ana Azzue Gallira.

Exhibition Dates: May 17th, 2019 - June 7th, 2019

Opening Reception: May 17th, 2019 5-9pm

Closing Reception: June 7th, 2019 5-9pm  


Lynne-Rachel Altman

Benjamin Carpenter

Phoebe Deutsch

Camille MacRae

Adrian Rodriguez

Sam Schumacher

Daniel Stauber

Reed Peck-Kriss

Lzrd Uzcangah

Brandyn Willridge

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