LAB Salon


Local Artists Berkeley and Adeline’s Lab have collaborated to create an art show highlighting our local activist artists. We have found artists that are exploring new ideas and concepts that focus on activism; whether political, social or environmental. We want to see how our Local Artists are dealing with the current world issues of our current paradigm. And these artists brought us their beautiful representations of the issues they and we all are facing today. 

Help us celebrate our local artists by showing your support and appreciating their hard work.

Julia Barzizza
Justin Kliegman
Nate Scott
Reenie Charriere
Rory Terrell
Ryan Tulsuk
Tatitha Renee-Tima

Aaron Wilder
Amy Keeler
Ana Gallira
Andrew Zheng
Crystal Pei
Eric Baird
Guy Mong
Joanna Salska

Jenny Red